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Companies struggle to deal with the unprecedented 85% annual growth in unstructured data, of which 70% has no business value, yet it generates significant cost and risk for IT, Legal and Business Users.

Let Integro help you gain insight into, and act on, your unstructured data 

We’ll help you get a holistic understanding of your data across all unstructured sources, enabling you to spot compliance violations, inform infrastructure planning decisions, and provide insight into data that might be used for eDiscovery or Records Management initiatives.

Our team is here to help you not just install a solution, but also guide you through the laws, regulations, and best practices. We’ll also help you take necessary action, whether it’s remediating regulated data or getting rid of the obsolete.

Clean-up ROT Data – Redundant, Obsolete, and Trivial data

Remediate Regulated Data – PII, PCI, HIPAA, HR, Financial, Records

Secure High Value Data – IP, Pricing, Sales and Market, Patent, Planning

 Why Integro

  • Integro is IBM’s top trusted StoredIQ partner and expert.
  • We understand your industry’s data challenges and have helped companies assess and act on data in industries such as financial, communications, industrial, healthcare, energy, and more with dramatic results.
  • Take advantage of Integro’s library of custom reports for a wide range of industries.
  • 22+ years of unstructured content management expertise with numerous IBM technical certifications.
  • Each Integro consultant has over 10 years of live project experience.
  • You want a partner you can trust for this business-critical analysis and solution.

Integro StoredIQ Package

  • Content Assessment and Action on 10 TB of content
  • Includes a 2 month IBM StoredIQ software license
  • Integro will install, configure, index, analyze and act on the content per your policies
  • High Value – Fast – Easy for you

Contact Integro via email or 303-575-9300 to get started today.

Example StoredIQ Findings

  • For a major manufacturer – Uncovered 15,000 files containing lists of credit card numbers for their distributor network.
  • For an insurance company – Determined that over 40% of their content was older than 7 years, having zero access by any users during that time.
  • For an energy company – Identified over 30,000 documents which should have been handed over as part of a major divestiture.
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