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Value-based email governance: Keep what is important. Eliminate what is not.

Integro Email Manager™ (IEM) is a leading email governance solution for Office365, Microsoft Exchange, and Lotus Domino. IEM addresses the critical need in today’s enterprises to keep the email that is important for business and legal obligations, and eliminate the costs and risk exposure associated with over retention of email.

Business benefits



Records Management

Defensible disposal Reduce/contain managed storage costs Proper declaration and classification of email
Easier eDiscovery; reduced legal review cost Easy to deploy; light impact to email environment Event based records management
Legal & regulatory compliance Maintain integrity of the user work experience; easy user adoption Classify email records against corporate file plan


  • Comprehensive Email Management: IEM provides proper declaration and classification of email content while automatically disposing of transient, non-essential email. IEM can manage email in place or store records in a repository of choice.

  • Intuitive User Experience: IEM is seamlessly integrated into a user’s mailbox and leverages normal user mailbox interaction to ensure high user adoption.

  • Machine-Learning for Auto-Classification: Integro’s patented SmartAssist® ‘Auto Classification With Human Oversight™’ works to auto-classify as much as possible, while providing end users with the ultimate control. Using machine-learning, SmartAssist identifies emails that are potential records and classifies them based on a corporate file plan (if applicable).

  • Zone Management®: Manage email using 2 or 3 zones. Transient/ROT (redundant, outdated, trivial) email is automatically deleted.

Integro Email Manager for Email Governance

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