Inverness Golf Course

Integro’s View of the Inverness Golf Course

10. Appreciation.

Integro offers a variety of benefits, including a medical program, 401(k), profit sharing, a flexible work environment, parties, and intangibles like true appreciation for work well done.

9. Empowered and Enterprising.

Rest assured that your co-workers are just as passionate about their work as you are. Our employees are not micro-managed, but rather empowered and enabled to make decisions. Ideas and innovation are encouraged and recognized.

8. Location. Location. Location.

Integro is a telecommuting company. Integro employees reside in numerous locations throughout the US and Canada. We also have an office. Our headquarters is located in the ever-developing Denver Tech Center in South Denver, Colorado. We enjoy a picture-perfect view of the Inverness Golf Course. There are many restaurants located within walking distance. There are also many gorgeous hotels to choose from when you or your clients come to our offices from another state

7. Open Doors.

Have ideas or concerns, talk to the boss. We have an open-door policy when it comes to addressing the needs and concerns of our employees. Or, if you are having a bad day, stop by the front desk for a bite of chocolate.

6. Challenging and Intelligent Colleagues.

Be challenged by our intelligently applied process management and technology.  Integro is proud to boast some of the most brilliant minds in the IT world. Our employees are selected based on rigorous guidelines to ensure both our product and team achieve the utmost standards. Our employees have worked in numerous industries, bringing outstanding experience to the table. We are a creative and innovative team, striving to better not only the company, but our customers as well.

5. Giving back to the community.

Integro’s corporate philanthropic efforts are focused on the nonprofit organizations our employees value. Our giving is diverse and our impact is positive.

4. Your Success is Our Success and Their Success too.

Our clients love working with us because of their success. Integro’s success is built upon the successes of our clients. We collaborate with clients to identify and deliver the optimum solution to their business challenges and opportunities.  When employees are successful, the client is successful and Integro is successful.

3. Integrity is Integral.

Integro (in-té-gro), reflects the importance we place on the concept of integrityand how critical it is in an ever competitive business world. Everything about our company is centered around this concept – from the people we hire to the way we do business each and every day.

2. Character matters.

We trust our employees and they trust us. We understand and apply the Golden Rule on a daily basis. The character of the employee is incredibly important, as is the character of the management team.

1. Be a part of something big.

As our company grows, so do the opportunities. By starting with our expanding company, the sky’s the limit. The potential for growth in your position is wide-open. Each year brings new success and new challenges. In our case, our success and challenges go hand-in-hand for our future. With a rapidly increasing client-base, our sales team is tackling projects of $1 million and more. Our employees enjoy working in the fast-paced environments while knowing they can count on Integro to provide a work-environment that still honors and respects integrity.

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