Scott Burt
Scott BurtPresident & Co-Founder
Companies talk about corporate values and the statement these make to their customers. When founding Integro, Scott wanted to create a company that reflected about how important integrity is in an ever competitive business world – thus the name that embodies that concept. More than being just a word derived from ‘integrity’ Scott and his team wanted to ensure that Integro lived up to its name in every sense of that word.

Integro began in 1995 with a desire to help companies benefit from technology and business process. Scott and his team envisioned technology as the revolutionary tool that would change how business worked and communicated. As the tools and technology were developed and became more complex, Integro has evolved to keep pace with the complexity, yet never losing sight of the core of how they deal with customers – with integrity.

Working with brilliant people and motivating companies to use technology all while creating a company based on values was also extremely important to Scott. Over the years, Integro has sought and attracted people who were seeking a place to work where these same values were the foundation. A driving passion for Scott has been to hire great people and provide them with the environment, tools and culture to thrive.

Creating a successful business with staying power has also been a goal, and that has been achieved over 23 years of helping customers achieve success in a business culture with changing market demands and increasingly challenged budgets.

Giving back is also important to Scott and Integro. Scott personally tries to engender a sense of the greater good – by giving back to the community. Integro has made a significant impact in the community that seeks to end blindness – a personal cause close to Scott. Scott Burt is a board member with the Foundation Fighting Blindness, and also is the chair and founder of Swing for Sight, an annual golf and auction event held in Colorado, benefiting the Foundation. Through the Swing for Sight golf tournament Integro has helped raised more than $1.7M over the past 18 years for the Foundation Fighting Blindness.

Responsibility to customers, our industry and community – being a good corporate citizen provides balance to the business. From Scott’s leadership, Integro stands for these values and continues to find ways to blend a thriving business with life.

Chris McHenry
Chris McHenryVice President of Product & Co-Founder
Chris McHenry helped found Integro in 1995. Since the company’s inception, he has played an integral role in growing the company into the prominent position it holds today, as an expert in Information Governance and Content Services Solutions.

Throughout his career, Chris has been passionate about applying leading edge technology to solve critical business problems. As one of Integro’s founders, he has been a key leader in moving Integro’s technology focus into new and emerging areas. He’s also the chief innovator behind Integro’s many patents.

During his tenure with Integro, Chris has managed the implementation of software and services for hundreds of clients. He has also led the development of the company’s consulting infrastructure, numerous processes, and key methodologies.

Currently, as Vice President, Chris oversees all product development for Integro. He is responsible for managing all facets of Integro’s line of email management products, including product planning and architecture, development leadership, quality assurance, marketing and sales support, intellectual property management and protection, and customer support.

Under Chris’s leadership, Integro’s flagship product, Integro Email Manager, has become the product of choice for managing email by numerous Fortune 500 companies across myriad industries, including financial, manufacturing, government, healthcare, and others.

Jason Brandes
Jason BrandesVice President & Co-Founder
Jason Brandes is an Integro founder. As Vice President, Jason manages one of Integro’s two consulting teams and directs the design and implementation of IBM/FileNet technology solutions for Integro’s customers.

Under his leadership, Integro has become an expert in Enterprise Content Management solutions on the IBM/FileNet platform. He has led the successful implementation of email management, records management, and eDiscovery solutions for hundreds of companies, ranging in size from several hundred users to tens of thousands. Many of those solutions have been showcased by IBM and at industry events.

In addition to his leadership for the company, Jason is also one of Integro’s most requested consultants. He is a strong project manager, an incredibly experienced technical consultant, and he brings a remarkable ability to problem solve even the trickiest challenges faced by customers. As someone who understands both the business and technology side, customers continually recognize Jason for his commitment to delivering top-notch solutions that deliver business value.

Jason is also behind many of Integro’s technology innovations. Leveraging his deep knowledge of the IBM/FileNet platform, Jason frequently finds opportunities to build value-added components to various technologies and software products. These components set Integro apart by offering capabilities not found anywhere else.

Sue Burford
Sue BurfordVice President, Consulting Operations
Technology is complex. As companies have added more and more technology into their business, it’s less easy to make changes without these changes impacting other systems and processes across the enterprise. Companies need to know that there are people they can count on to help make these changes and additions impact their business in positive ways.

Sue currently serves as Vice President, Consulting Operations for Integro, managing staffing resources as well as direct project management across key engagements.

Sue leads the Integro Consulting team by assuring that the methodologies and processes are in place to assure client success as well as placing the right Integro expert on the project to get the job done. Sue has also served as lead senior consultant and project manager with active experience in the Lotus Notes/Domino technical environment, including IBM Content Manager, Document Manager, and Records Manager. Her strength is in business process re-engineering and customer satisfaction. Sue’s technical management background dates back to 1980 and she has successfully managed the implementation of a multitude of systems for numerous clients.