Integro announced today that it has added several valuable features and functionality to its Integro Email Manager™ for Exchange (IEMx) email management software.

Integro Email Manager (IEM) is a leading email content governance and records management solution that addresses the critical need in today’s enterprises to keep the email that is important for business and legal obligations, and eliminate the costs and risk exposure associated with over-retention of email.  The software uses a Zone Management approach to declare and classify email content while automatically disposing of transient, non-essential email.  Two versions are available to customers: IEMx for Microsoft Exchange and Office365, and IEMd for Lotus Domino.

This newest release, version 4.2 of IEM, enhances the software’s long list of valuable features and functionality, making it even easier for companies to manage their email in a very cost-effective, low-risk manner.  Notable enhancements include:

Retention management based on ‘events’ – Records Managers and General Counsels are celebrating this critical enhancement that sets IEM apart from all other email content management solutions out there.  Many email records are event-based (i.e. retain for three years after an employee leaves the company, or seven years after an insurance policy is terminated) as opposed to simply time-based. It is extremely difficult to properly manage this content throughout its lifecycle.  With IEM 4.2 users can now connect a record to a specific event, create events, and trigger events to start the retention process.  Events can also be created and triggered through integration with external systems.

Auto-declaration of emails by SmartAssist® – IEM is the only product on the market that enables “auto-classification with human oversight,” delivered via Integro’s SmartAssist.®  While other solutions seek to restrict or eliminate end user participation, IEM with SmartAssist is designed to auto-classify as much as possible, while providing end users with the ultimate control.  The benefits of enabling knowledge workers to participate in the process are many, and notably include the ease of implementation and testing which is a challenge in full auto-classification attempts.  In this 4.2 release, SmartAssist’s learning abilities are enhanced to where it can now fully auto-declare records in addition to suggesting potential records to the user.  Furthermore, accuracy thresholds are fully configurable to meet the needs of the business.

Archive email directly into any ECM repository – Gone are the days of having to use proprietary software to archive into your ECM system of choice.  Customers can now take advantage of IEM’s popular Zone Management capabilities to seamlessly and automatically archive email into any platform, including EMC Documentum, Microsoft SharePoint, IBM FileNet and more.  With IEM, a scant 5% of the email volume is archived.  This is why so much money and risk can be saved.

Manage-in-Place – If your organization is not yet prepared for a full ECM system, you can realize many of the benefits of lifecycle governance of email today without a back-end repository.  IEM can restrict deletion of records and dispose of transient emails right within the active mail system.  It is then easy to integrate IEM with your ECM solution of choice as your needs evolve.

Support for Exchange 2013 – IEM is fully capable of working with the latest versions of Office365 and Exchange 2013.

To learn more about all of IEM’s many benefits and features, visit or Contact us today to schedule a demo.

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