Business Need: The client wanted to move its enterprise email archiving solution from being outsourced and on end-of-life software (CommonStore for Lotus Domino) to residing in-house and leveraging state-of-the-art software. Key concerns included:

  • The substantial quantity of data to be migrated – approximately 38TB and 380 million emails
  • Chain-of-custody and auditing to ensure defensibility
  • User satisfaction during the migration
  • User satisfaction with the improved solution
  • Improved eDiscovery capabilities
  • Cost efficiencies


Integro provided a services and software solution consisting of Integro Email Migration Assistant, IBM’s FileNet software, and Integro services.

First, Integro designed and architected a new highly-scalable and reliable email management solution to support 25,000 users. Integro then planned, designed, and implemented the migration infrastructure and processes, including testing and batch migrations. All 380 million emails were successfully migrated at an error rate of less than 1%. Integro provided chain-of-custody reporting throughout the process and the integrity of every email migrated was protected – emails were not changed in any way.

Without Integro’s Email Migration Assistant (IEMA) software, this large of an email migration would have been highly cumbersome, slow, and likely untenable. IEMA is the only product on the market that helps companies migrate large quantities of email, quickly and securely, from IBM CommonStore or IBM Content Collector.  It provides the benefits of speed, ease-of-use, reporting, and more.


The client is extremely happy with the end results. In addition to cost savings realized via the new state-of-the-art solution, Legal has improved eDiscovery capabilities through eDiscovery Manager. Additionally, user satisfaction is up across all stakeholders, including IT, Legal, Information Governance, and individual email users. Users are pleased with the improved access and search ability within their own email repositories, which was very limited under the old solution.

Client Profile

A leading financial services firm with 25,000 employees worldwide.


  • IBM Content Collector
  • IBM eDiscovery Manager
  • FileNet P8 Content Manager
  • Integro Email Migration Assistant