This email thing may just catch on… 🙂
In all seriousness, you’d be hard pressed to find any company in any industry who doesn’t rely on email as it’s primary form of communication.  Due to this, Exchange Servers (more to the point the mailboxes stored on them) are getting bigger, and bigger. Add to this that a very rapidly growing percentage of companies now archive their emails to make sure a piece of important company information is not inadvertently lost, especially for eDiscovery.  Long story short, the net result from the three items I just mentioned is that Exchange Administrators have a constant juggling act going to balance what to do with all this email, both on the Exchange Servers and also potentially on an Archive Server (or attached storage device for it).

Storage is cheap right, so where’s the issue?
Well yes… storage is getting cheaper all the time, and this very often lends itself to a short-term financial based decision of, lets buy more storage and forget about it. While this is a fair short-term decision, it also carries some serious long-term potential consequences that many people forget about until it’s too late (and can become extremely costly to address).  A few of these consequences include:
1) You have mass amounts of data that needs backing up, and there’s not enough off-production hours to do it
2) A restore is required, and it takes forever to do so due to the sheer size of the data.
3) You run out of data-center space to house all the storage you have to buy to save the data, or worse yet… power to keep them up and available

Here’s where it gets even better… The larger percentage of what is archived and saved “forever” is rarely useful to the company (I’m sure the company doesn’t need to keep the email regarding what time their employees need to meet your friends after work, or see how funny that chain email was). On top of that, there might even be things a company doesn’t want to be kept forever for legal reasons. I think you can see where this is going.

This is where IEMx becomes an Exchange Administrators new best friend.
IEMx helps a company save what is needed, and allow what is not to get removed at a specified interval. This keeps storage down, while still satisfying all the reasons they might have for saving email in the first place. With IEMx, your mailbox users can identify what needs to be saved in a few simple mouse-clicks, and leave what doesn’t alone.  It requires very minimal administrative overhead to setup, and the add-in in Outlook that mail users will use is easy and intuitive.

Cost savings for the company, and less admin headaches… talk about a win/win for the company and the Exchange Administrator!