First to Introduce Email Auto-Classification with Human Oversight
DENVER, Colo. – Integro, Inc., a leading expert in eDiscovery and email/records management technology solutions, announced the release of version 4.0 of its Integro Email Manager (IEM) software product.

IEM 4.0 performs Information Lifecycle Governance of non-records and classification of records through ‘auto-classification with human oversight’.  IEM addresses the critical need in today’s enterprises to keep the email that is important for business and legal obligations, and eliminate the costs and risk exposure associated with day-to-day email.

With IEM, organizations use Zone Management™ to retain important email records while removing the unimportant, transient information.  IEM customers have reported eliminating an average of 68% of transient information being stored, thus greatly reducing risk and cost. The product integrates tightly with Microsoft Exchange (IEMx) and Lotus Notes (IEMd), and adds value to most leading Enterprise Content Management (ECM) vendor solutions.

IEM version 4.0 offers numerous enhancements in usability and records management, including:

  • SmartAssist™ – IEM is the only product on the market that enables auto-classification with human oversight, delivered via Integro’s new SmartAssist technology.  While other solutions seek to completely automate email classification, IEM with SmartAssist is designed to auto-classify as much as possible, while at the same time giving control to the user who is the ultimate expert on their own email content.  Available now with IEMd.  Coming soon to IEMx.
  • New user interface – IEMx 4.0 features a new, easy-to-use interface for users to declare and classify records, helping foster high user acceptance and ensuring compliance with email retention and records management.
  • Legacy email for Domino – IEMd 4.0 allows for the retention of some historical email which helps alleviate anxiety by users that all email will be deleted upon initial deployment.
  • Records fileplan profiles – IEM4.0 allows for greater administration control.  Profiles can be used to segment the user population and push out only the relevant subset of the records fileplan, thus making the process as easy as possible for the user.

“At Apache Corporation, our goal is to limit risk by reducing the amount of transient information being stored in email and providing an easy-to-use interface that allows users to declare and classify records. Integro Email Manager provided exactly what we needed, and the new 4.0 features such as the new user interface will make it especially easy for our users,” said, Donna Rose, Records Manager, Apache Corporation.

IEM is used by numerous Fortune 1000 companies today.  Additional information and product demos are available by calling Integro at 888-575-9300 or visiting the website at

About Integro
Integro is an IT consultancy and software developer specializing in eDiscovery, email management, and records management solutions for mid-size to Fortune 500 organizations.   Integro is a Premier IBM Business Partner and a privately-held company founded in 1995.  For information, visit