I was recently asked about the interoperability of our product, Integro Email Manager, with various ECM solutions. Here’s my answer: At Integro, we have designed our product to be loosely-coupled with the back-end Archiving, eDiscovery and Records Management solutions from major ECM vendors.  We don’t provide complete records management or eDiscovery functionality in our product, so often we pair IEM with these products to provide customers with a complete Email Management solution.  However, I will note that IEM works very well in a stand-alone mode for those customers that don’t need the full ECM functionality.

We have ZERO API integration between our products and ECM solutions we work with. We solely rely upon capabilities of the Archiving product to:

  • Archive email based on metadata policies.
  • Archive custom metadata from the email.
  • Provide an automatic records declaration process that is executed based on metadata rules.
  • Provide a reasonable export format for the File Plan from the Records solution so we are able to import it into our product.

We have successfully deployed our product along with two different product stacks in the IBM ECM suite of products (FileNet and IBM Content Manager).  We have also performed some preliminary exploration with Open Text, Symantec, and EMC to validate that those vendors offer the required functionality to interoperate with our product.  It appears that they do!  We have made a strategic decision to design our products to be as versatile as possible to address the needs of the largest number of customers, while not sacrificing functionality. Customers need the capabilities that IEM offers for a complete Email Management solution, and we want to help.

Chris McHenry, VP Technology, Integro