For years, email management has been a topic at just about every records and information management conference. It’s that elephant in the room that nobody really wants to deal with because it seems so overwhelming. Are you thinking about implementing an email management project at your company? Maybe you’re just getting started and don’t know where to go next.

Join Integro email management expert and Certified Records Manager, Brian Starck, as he examines a current email management project. He’ll share both struggles and successes and help you know what to expect as you get ready to tackle email management. He’ll also provide a brief overview of the project’s technical solution, comprised of Integro Email Manager, Integro SmartAssist, and IBM ECM.

Attendees: Senior IT, Records, Legal, Compliance

Recording date: July 20, 2017
Presenters: Scott Burt, President & Brian Starck, Senior Consultant, Integro

This webinar is part of Integro’s 30-minutes-a-month webinar series. See the full list here.