Integro President, Scott Burt was interviewed by Editor of Supply Chain Brain, Bob Bowman on the keys to effective email management and reducing legal risk.

“With the rise of litigation and other legal issues affecting business, it becomes increasingly important for companies to have a coherent way to track, evaluate and store their e-mail traffic,” says Scott W. Burt, president of Integro.

Making matters even more complicated, both the volume and size of e-mail messages are expanding at a rapid rate. Companies that are unprepared for the laborious process of “e-discovery” during litigation will find it difficult to sort through and locate all of the relevant messages. But failure to do so properly can expose a business to substantial damages.

Approximately 80 percent of all corporate e-mails don’t need to be retained.

“It’s not a sound business practice just to keep everything,” Burt says. The trick, he says, lies in determining which are the 20 percent that need to be stored for possible future recovery.

Watch the complete interview: “Reducing Legal Risk Through Better Email Management”

Scott Burt interviewed by Supply Chain Brain