You’ve likely noticed the recent email scandal that has been splashed across the news – Sony’s recent hacking has been a huge eye-opener for corporations across the country. It’s estimated this breach will cost Sony upwards of $100 million when all is said and done. More surprisingly, this isn’t the first time Sony has been the target of a cyber-attack. Let’s not forget the 2011 debacle that left Sony’s PlayStation network in shambles and resulted in over $2 billion in legal fees.

Granted, this attack was different from the first: it went after Sony’s email. That’s right, your unsuspecting inbox that holds all the proprietary communication your company needs to function day to day – like when you’re meeting a friend for lunch, or a joke that seemed funny at the time but in retrospect may be a bit insulting. Are alarms going off in your head? They should be.

News outlets are saying that Sony’s current predicament could have been avoided if its employees were more conscientious in their communications. But how is it reasonable to expect a company worth over $2 trillion and that employs more than 140,000 people to make sure every single employee behaves properly? Litigation can be found in all sorts of places and the best way to avoid it is by proactively getting rid of risks when they serve no value – such as unneeded email in Sony’s case.

That’s where Integro comes in – we’ve been in the Enterprise Content Management business for 20 years, and know the importance of email management. If Sony had the knowledge and tools that we provide, a significant amount of cost and damage could have been avoided. Integro has software and services that can help your company clean up your email now, and make sure it stays clean going forward.

Some food for thought on the benefits of email management:

  • Data Security is as much about managing the data you have as blocking access. You must know what you have, keep what is important, secure that which is sensitive and dispose of the transient that only represents risk and cost – nothing more.
  • Close to 95% of email has no long-term value nor necessity to be retained. This redundant and trivial data that is usually kept in your email indefinitely should be properly disposed, leaving only pertinent information and records.
  • If there comes a time when you find your company under litigation, the amount of email will be greatly reduced, and eDiscovery costs will be a small fraction of what they would have been.
  • Storage costs shrink considerably when you are able to dispose of 70% of your email.
  • Most importantly, in the event that you are hacked, like Sony, you won’t have to worry about what your employees may or may not have said, because you know it won’t be there – it was removed with Integro Email Manager™.

Don’t take the value of your email too lightly – one moment everything is fine and dandy, and then you find your organization under fire, and those pesky emails turn into that splinter under your nail you can’t quite reach. If you’re interested in learning more about Integro Email Manager, contact us today. Don’t find your emails to be fodder for the morning news.