The end is near for CommonStore – what are your plans?

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IBM CommonStore’s end of life  is rapidly approaching. By April 2014, IBM will no longer provide support for CommonStore for Lotus Domino (CSLD) and CommonStore for Exchange Server (CSX).

If you’re a CommonStore customer and don’t have plans in place, now’s the time to consider your email migration options. Integro has performed numerous CommonStore migrations for clients forward to IBM Content Collector and many other platforms. We have also helped clients with their CommonStore archives when moving from Exchange to Notes, or vice versa or to a new archiving platform.

From our experience, we recommend full mailbox migration and moving to a value-based archiving approach. Learn more about value-based archiving

We also recommend taking advantage of the only product available for migrating email out of CommonStore. Integro Email Migration Assistant (IEMA) increases migration speed by over 10x and includes many administrative and reporting features to ensure chain of custody, ease of use, and capacity planning. Learn more about IEMA

Integro can help you determine the best course of action for your company. By working with Integro you’re getting the best possible guidance – not only are we experts in email migrations, we’ve also been working with CommonStore for more than 20 years. Learn more about Integro’s email migration services