I received an RFP today that exactly exemplifies the trend across the marketplace.  A few years ago, companies were seeking solutions that captured ALL email.  Many of them pursued that strategy, and have now recognized that as a failed approach.  Today, these companies are seeking retention management of non-records (short retention) and records declaration, classification and proper retention of records.

Case in point!  Today I received an RFP, and back in 2006 this same company had issued an RFP.  I want to share two very key requirements from each RFP:

2006 RFP was seeking:

Capture all incoming and outgoing email.

2010 RFP from exact same company is seeking:

  • A holistic approach to email management to lower costs and reduce risks
  • Declaration of emails as records
  • Deletion of non-record emails after a specified period
  • Protection of emails placed on legal hold
  • Archiving solution with records retention and hold management

I hate to say “I told you so”, but this is what we were evangelizing in 2006!  I’m just glad to see that this company, and dozens and dozens of others are realizing that you must keep records appropriately, and you must manage retention of non-records with a relatively short retention period.

Till later, Dispose Responsibly,