Lately, we’ve been hearing lots of buzz in the eDiscovery and Information Lifecycle Governance industry about “Value-Based Archiving.”  “Value-Based Archiving,” also known as “Smart Archiving,” is an approach that enables organizations to archive and retain only the content that has business value.  In the case of email, this applies to archiving only the emails that have business value and eliminating the rest.

It’s exciting to hear this topic coming to the forefront since this is an approach Integro has been promoting and helping our customers implement since the very early days of archiving.  It’s also the core concept behind our product, Integro Email Manager (IEM), which we developed after helping numerous customers who came to us with archiving solutions gone bad.

So, why is value-based archiving such an appealing concept and how does it solve failed archiving solutions?   The common problem we often see is that companies have implemented archiving solutions that simply keep everything.   Eventually, hundreds of TBs of email accumulate.  Then one small failure, such as Full Text Indexing becomes corrupt, and all efforts at ROI are out the window.   Other risks of keeping everything include increased exposure in litigation due to not being able to find what you have, and the additional costs related to attorney review of irrelevant content.

Integro developed our product, Integro Email Manager (IEM), to help companies take a more proactive approach to email archiving – one that’s focused on the value of each email.  IEM is a tool that enables companies to keep what’s important and dispose of what’s not.  No more massive email archives that do more harm than good; that cause soaring storage costs and present significant risk.

IEM provides users with a seamless and friendly approach to tagging email content that has business value.  Then IEM rigorously and defensibly disposes of the rest, which we call “ROT,” or the redundant, outdated, and trivial.  Only email with value is actually archived – hence the term, Value-Based archiving.

Makes sense right?  But implementing such an obvious solution is very hard to do without a tool like IEM.  Integro has worked to make IEM as easy as possible for users and allow it to seamlessly fit inside the user’s mailbox, supporting rather than hindering their email experience.  This is critical to enable the organizational change needed to roll out a Value-Based Archiving program.  The tool has to fit the user’s current workflows or it won’t be used or accepted.

IEM is the only tool on the market today enabling true Value-Based Archiving (or Smart Archiving) of email.  Other solutions archive email by basic email header data.  This doesn’t really solve any problems because you can’t determine the business value of the email from the header data alone.  Alternately, others provide a location-based solution which forces users to move email with business or records value to some other archive location outside their email.  This approach can hurt organizational adoption and hinder user productivity.