Forrester’s Matt Brown recently posted that storage costs are now 17% of the IT hardware budget!!  The funny thing about that is that a big chunk, quite likely a majority, of the content being stored is ROT, Redundant, Outdated and Trivial.  Email in particular is a big problem with over 80% of email being transient content (ROT) that not only could be, but should be, deleted.

It’s no surprise that Forrester clients report their storage capacity requirements are growing 20% to 40% each year. Storage costs have grown to 17% of the IT hardware budget, up from 10% in 2007.

The storage costs above don’t even consider the much more significant risk and cost this data represents from a legal perspective.

Yet storage costs pale in comparison to the risk of fines, fees, and reputation risk associated with compliance and eDiscovery.  Onerous regulations and recordkeeping requirements have led to significant investment in information management technologies. Yet still, only 28% of archiving decision-makers we surveyed are very confident they can demonstrate their digital information is accurate, accessible, and trustworthy.

Remember, delete responsibly,