Business Need: 

Proper Records Management (RM) has always been an important focus of this manufacturing client. Since the late 1990’s, the company had administered a robust paper-based RM program and schedule. With its growing amount of electronic information, the company sought to expand its RM program to address electronic records, especially for eDiscovery support and compliance with the existing RM program.?A critical need was a mechanism to keep the email that is important for business and legal obligations. The solution also needed to be easy for end users, allowing them to declare and classify records as needed. 


Integro implemented Integro Email Manager (IEM) along with IBM’s records management and email governance solution to allow end users to easily manage electronic business documents and corporate records.  

Approximately 1,500 users in five U.S. offices as well as field and remote users actively use the solution. 

A core feature is the use of IEM and its proprietary Zone Management® approach. Through Zone Management, the client is able to manage corporate email using three zones: 

  • Corporate Records – emails the company must retain to comply with the RM program. These email records are retained for the specified retention period within the corporate file plan. 
  • Working – emails which are not records but still have value to the user related to ongoing projects.  
  • Auto-Delete – transient email that has no long-term business value. Such emails are informational only and not necessary to retain for an extended period of time. 


The client is now able to: 

  • Delete email that has no long-term business value  
  • Implement RM policies and procedures across all information 
  • Provide defensible strategy during litigation 
  • Provide governance to important business records 
  • Drastically reduce server space used by mailbox data