Companies struggle to deal with the unprecedented 85% annual growth in unstructured data, of which 70% has no business value, yet it generates significant cost and risk for IT and Legal.

Let Integro help you gain insight into your dark, unstructured data with StoredIQ

StoredIQ is a powerful solution that can offer views into dark, unstructured data, providing insight that you’ve never had before. Integro is IBM’s top Integro, your StoredIQ implementation partnertrusted StoredIQ partner and expert, and our IQInsight team is here to help you not just install StoredIQ solutions, but also guide you through the laws, regulations, and best practices.

We’ll help you get a holistic understanding of your data across all unstructured sources, enabling you to spot compliance  violations, inform infrastructure planning decisions, and provide insight into data that might be used for eDiscovery or Records Management initiatives.

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Legacy Data Clean Up, Fileshare Clean Up 

  • Delete non-business, aged, and obsolete data to reduce data volume and storage costs.

eDiscovery and Litigation Support

  • Identify where your risks are.
  • Know what data is relevant to critical litigation matters.
  • Save millions in litigation fees by eliminating unnecessary information.
  • Collect data from remote locations and disparate data sources.

Mergers, Acquisitions, and Divestitures

  • Identify data across more than 75 data source types to be consolidated, protected, or remediated.
  • Identify classified and corporate intellectual property prior to divestiture of business units.

Policy Compliance

  • Respond confidently to any regulatory or customer inquiry.

Govern Data in Place

  • Regardless of the number of disparate or remote locations, you can move your data to a central repository to index and manage.  Leave all your unstructured data  (documents, emails, images, and other text-based files) in place. You can search and analyze data from your desktop.

 Why Integro

  • Take advantage of our library of custom StoredIQ reports developed for a variety of industries.
  • 20 years of unstructured content management expertise with numerous IBM technical certifications.
  • We understand your industry’s data challenges and have helped companies in industries such as energy,
    manufacturing, insurance, healthcare, and retail to leverage the power of StoredIQ for dramatic results.
  • Each Integro consultant has over 10 years of live project experience.
  • You want a partner you can trust for this business-critical analysis and solution.
  • Recognized by analyst firm, Clutch, as a top Enterprise Content Management consultant.

3 High Value Options

  1. IQ Insight – Full Solution: Analysis and Action on 5 to 100 TB of Content PER MONTH; Priced per month including software and services; Integro will install, configure, index, analyze and act on the content per your policies; High Value – Fast – Easy for you
  2. IQ Insight – Purchase StoredIQ: Analysis and Action on 2 to N TB of content at any one time; Purchase StoredIQ – Perpetuity or Term; Integro will install and configure and do initial indexing and analysis; Train your staff to use StoredIQ; Long-term value – Flexible – Affordable
  3. IQ Insight – Proof of Concept: Analysis and Action on 2TB of information for a 3-month term; File shares and SharePoint with mixed content types; Integro will install, configure, initially run and train your team on StoredIQ; 1 week on site + remote support; In-depth reporting & presentation of findings

Recent IQInsight StoredIQ Successes

  • For a major manufacturer – Uncovered 15,000 files containing lists of credit card numbers for their distributor network.
  • For an insurance company – Determined that over 40% of their content was older than 7 years, having zero access by any users during that time.
  • For an energy company – Identified over 30,000 documents which should have been handed over as part of a major divestiture.

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