Business Need: As Bashas’ grew over the years, the company eventually reached a point where effectively managing corporate information and processes became inefficient and complicated.  Paperwork was stored across multiple locations including individual stores, corporate offices, and warehouses.  Functions and departments were operating with manual processes, and tracking down critical information was time-consuming.


Integro implemented an IBM Content Manager system for Bashas’ and helped automate the Worker’s Compensation department.  Integro designed a new process for the department, including a solution where Bashas’ hard copy claim documents were each scanned with a separator page containing meta data on the front, and then attached to the image and stored in Content Manager. Integro also helped train Bashas’ on the system and the scanning process.

Integro was one of the best groups I have ever worked with and I highly recommend them going forward with other departments.”  – Paul Moore, DB2 expert, Bashas’


  • All records can now be searched online
  • Bashas’ staff can pull claims in seconds


IBM Content Manager
Kofax Ascent Capture