Business need: Strong growth and acquisitions left BBVA Compass with over 2.5 PB of data of disparate structures and little insight into it. How could the bank understand its data and enforce policies to manage it?


Integro helped BBVA leverage IBM® Unified Governance and Integration data governance solutions to make smarter decisions about managing, retaining and disposing of data across the enterprise.


  • Reduces risk by only retaining data that is of operational, legal or contractual value
  • Enhances regulatory compliance with better understanding and control of information
  • Cuts costs and controls data growth with policy-driven archiving

With end-to-end control over information, we will be able to deliver the trusted, accurate and high-quality data that the business needs to drive better decisions and seize new opportunities.

—Debi Tadd, Vice President, Information Lifecycle Management, BBVA Compass


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