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Over the past few days of demoing the new IEM with SmartAssist, I’ve arrived at the best description of the best email management model. I’m not sure if Auto-classification should be hyphenated or not, but Auto-classification with Human Oversight is the answer.

Auto-classification without any human involvement does not allow for the disposition of transient content (Zone 1 in our model) under a short retention period of say 90 days. There are many other issues, but that’s a big one. As for human directed classification, we’ve made great progress is delivering this with our Zone ManagementTM approach, but there are still concerns and room for improvement.

The best by far, auto-classify and communicate visually to the users what’s been classified and how.  With this oversight, should a correction be needed, it’s quick and easy.  The system learns from the correction and gets better and better.

The responses to our demos at IoD have been extremely positive.  If you haven’t seen it, stop by booth 319 at IoD this week, or contact us to schedule a web demo.

Delete responsibly,

Scott Burt