One of the largest transportation companies in the United States, J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc. is a Fortune 500 Company employing more than 15,000 people and generating annual revenues of approximately USD 6.2 billion. J.B. Hunt is greatly accelerating its investment to create modern, technology-driven supply chain solutions for all its customers.

With IBM, Estuate and Integro, we have transformed our approach to information lifecycle governance – easing compliance and audits and saving money.” – Candace McCabe, Information Services Consultant, J.B. Hunt

Integro, together with partner, Estuate, helped J.B. Hunt implement an information lifecycle governance strategy that has enabled the company to simplify compliance and defensibly dispose of data to cut e-discovery costs and mitigate risks associated with retaining more data than necessary, such as data security breaches.

Business need:

Operating in a heavily regulated industry, J.B. Hunt must store data securely and for the prescribed period. How could the company ensure that it was managing content in an efficient, compliant way?


J.B. Hunt designed new data retention and management processes built on IBM information lifecycle governance solutions, helping drive better decisions about managing, retaining and disposing of data.


J.B. Hunt can enforce robust data retention policies, with a full audit trail to ease compliance. Deleting content with no business or legal relevance has reduced held data volumes by 94.2 percent.


  • StoredIQ Suite
  • StoredIQ
  • StoredIQ for Legal
  • InfoSphere Optim
  • InfoSphere Optim Test Data Management
  • InfoSphere Optim Archive

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