Integro’s Scott Burt and David Starkweather will present on machine learning for auto-classification at the MER Conference 2018.

About the session:

While machine learning has been around for decades, only recently have we begun to see enterprises taking advantage of it to help govern unstructured data such as email, fileshares, SharePoint, and more.

The prospect of auto-classifying content using machine learning is highly appealing, especially as it helps reduce dependency on humans to ensure proper governance and records management.

Those eager to tap the power of machine learning to auto-classify terabytes of content will want to proceed carefully, and with the right expectations. This type of solution is not an ‘easy button’ and advanced education and preparation are critical to success.

Based on real-world engagements and lessons learned from the front lines, this educational session will cover the top 10 recommendations for companies who are looking to implement machine learning for an auto-classification solution.

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