In addition to offering Information Governance and Enterprise Content Management consulting and services to our clients, Integro also develops our own software products.  Throughout our more than 20 years of helping clients address a wide range of technology and business challenges, we’ve identified numerous market needs that weren’t effectively being met by existing products and solutions on the market.  That’s why we developed, support, and continue to evolve innovative products like the following:

Integro Email Manager (IEM) – Software that addresses the critical need in today’s enterprises to keep the email that is important for business and legal obligations, and eliminate the costs and risk exposure associated with day-to-day email.  Integro Email Manager (IEM), performs Information Governance of non-records and classification of records through ‘auto-classification with human oversight’.

Integro Email Migration Assistant (IEMA) – helps migrate from IBM Content Collector (ICC) and CommonStore email archives by retrieving email up to 10 times faster than with native IBM tools. This is a proven solution used by companies across the globe, from Saudi Arabia, to US, to Canada, to France.

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