Email Manager for Box

Smart filing of important email content into Box for governance and compliance

Leveraging AI, machine-learning, and Zone Management®, Email Manager for Box is an easy-to-use platform for Office 365 and Exchange that helps enterprises intelligently file and manage Outlook messages in Box. Email Manager for Box is specifically designed to support compliance and governance for enterprises that command greater attention in these areas, yet flexible enough to be used for a variety of use cases.  

What sets Email Manager for Box apart? 

  • Improves compliance and maintains fidelity by retaining the message’s native format and metadata.  

  • Prevents the need to retain and store every email in Box by tagging and classifying email content based on the value of each message. This eliminates risky and expensive ROT (redundant, outdated, and trivial is auto-deleted), and ensures only content of value is actively managed.  

  • Users do not need to move any email content to Box. Instead, as messages are tagged, they are automatically moved to the Box repository and then managed according to organization policies.   

  • Tagging of email messages can be automated using Integro’s patented SmartAssist® AI technology, or users may do their own tagging using drag and drop, or a combination of both. 

  • Zone Management® ensures worker efficiency by managing 3 email zones:  

    • Auto-delete (no action needs to be taken, automatically removes ROT) 
    • Working (users can keep in their mailbox in order to do their job, auto-deleted based on organization policy) 
    • Records (messages that are moved to Box to be governed) 

Integro SmartAssist Auto-Classifies Emails

Email Manager for Box works by organizing content according to an organization’s file plan and integrates seamlessly with Box Governance utilities to manage content retention and disposition. Original metadata is maintained, and new metadata created via the tagging process stays with each piece of content.

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