You know you have sensitive data (e.g., PII, PHI, credit cards, etc.) stored across the enterprise. The question is, do you know exactly what you have and where it’s stored? Furthermore, are you able to act on that data by disposing, redacting, encrypting, or securing it in some way? If you’re like most companies, the answers to these questions are somewhat uncertain.

If you’re considering getting your “house” in order with a compliance or sensitive data cleanup effort, this webinar is for you. In it, we’ll get down to brass tacks and will walk through the components to conducting a successful data cleanup effort that helps improve regulatory compliance, safeguards sensitive data from breaches, and protects valuable assets.

Attendees: Senior legal, governance, records, IT

Recording Date:  June 15, 2017
Presenters: Scott Burt, President & CEO, Integro

This webinar is part of Integro’s 30-minutes-a-month webinar series. See the full list here.