ECM’s Future Part II: Cloud content management & governance – setting expectations and overcoming challenges

In our May webinar, presenter John Frost, talked about ECM’s future and its impact on Information Governance. ECM vendors are moving platforms to the cloud, cloud governance applications are beginning to enter the market, and companies are demanding “componentized” content management, strong security, ease of use, friendly UI, and portability.

Join Integro for Part II of this discussion where we talk about the specifics of moving to cloud content management and governance. Topics covered include:

  • Content Services overview
  • Pros and cons of cloud service providers
  • How secure are cloud providers?
  • What to look for in choosing a cloud service provider

Attendees: Senior IT, Governance, Compliance, Legal, Records, Line of Business

Recording date: August 17, 2017
Speaker: John Frost, Vice President, Integro, ARMA Fellow

This webinar is part of Integro’s 30-minutes-a-month webinar series. See the full list here.