You may have come up with a solution to FIND your sensitive data across your enterprise and within your millions of documents, BUT do you have any idea now how to REMEDIATE that exposure?  The challenge is daunting. Even if you have tools to perform mass deletes, that may cause mass chaos, policy violations, or worse by getting in the way of doing business. Remediation is the key after identification. The challenge is how.

A wide array of remediation options exist, from mass file deletion and quarantine, to asking users to ‘clean up their info.’ In-file edits may include redaction, masking, or tokenization – but what are these, and how is this possible at scale? It can be challenging to know which to use when, as well as the potential pitfalls of using the wrong approach. In this webinar, we offer a deep dive into the world of sensitive data remediation. We’ll share real world examples of various types of remediation, and provide tips on which work best for some of the most common scenarios.

Attendees: Senior IT, Senior Governance

Recording date: December 7, 2017
Presenter: Jeffrey Dunning, Vice President, Integro