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Cleaning up those volumes of content is top of mind for many companies these days. Whether the goal is to reduce risk, ensure compliance, or move to modern systems, one thing is certain, a cleanup effort can be complicated. How long will it take? How much of our content should we tackle? What’s the next step once we find and index our content?

Many excellent tools exist in the market to support a content analysis and cleanup effort, but finding the right tool is only the first step. In this webinar, learn what it really takes to successfully complete a cleanup project the first time around, and how to put the right processes and policies in place for a simple, day forward approach.

We’ll share a proven methodology that has helped enterprises cross-industry simplify the process and get to success and ROI quickly.

Recording date: August 27, 2019
Speaker:  Jeffrey Dunning, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives & Support, Integro

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