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Whether you’d like to improve worker productivity, increase efficiency of processes, enhance customer service, make better decisions, or all of the above, case management may be something you’re considering.

Organizations are increasingly recognizing that their customer, employee or citizen-facing processes are best understood as cases. Cases provide the ability to capture all the information needed for decision making while providing the flexibility for people-driven actions where the emphasis is on meeting a goal, not necessarily on following a prescribed process in every instance.

Case management solutions require a high degree of flexibility and adaptability to process a “case.” This makes these solutions difficult to implement in traditional Enterprise Content Management and BPM systems because most traditional implementations require predictable and repeatable processes.

If you’re considering how case management can benefit your organization, you’ll want to watch this educational 30-minute webinar. Our case management expert shares enlightening examples of industries and business scenarios where a case management solution can offer tremendous value and return on investment. He also offers best practices for evaluating and implementing such a solution.

Attendees: Senior management in Customer Care, Finance, HR, Purchasing/contracts; interested industries might include healthcare, legal, insurance, and others

Presented by: David Starkweather, Senior Consultant, Integro
Recording date: 5/19/16