Traditional document capture systems excel at capturing and extracting information from known and predictable document types such as forms. However, when it comes to complex transactions like processing loan applications, cross-border shipments, insurance enrollments and claims, information is communicated in complex and highly variable documents. Traditional systems often need human intervention to review and classify these unknown or varying document formats—which is time-consuming and costly.

Instead, you can make your document capture system more cognitive. Cognitive systems use sensing, reasoning and learning in a new approach to understanding information.

In this webinar, Integro’s data capture expert will discuss:

  • The concept of cognitive capture and how it works
  • Example use cases and industries that can benefit from cognitive capture
  • How to analyze and catalog valuable information with little or no human intervention
  • A new solution available, IBM Datacap Insight Edition

Recording date: December 8, 2016
Presenter: Jack Roberts

This webinar is part of Integro’s 30-minutes-a-month webinar series. See the full list here.