Breaches will happen. Is your house in order?

The push for improved Information Security has never been greater with the many recent breaches, including Sony. The thought leadership now is to look within, instead of simply fortifying the perimeter. Breaches will happen. It will happen to you. Is your: Sensitive data encrypted or secured? Embarrassing transient data eliminated?

Don’t over-retain your junk and regret it later. Think of those Sony emails. Is your PII (Personally Identifiable Info) remediated? Is your PHI (Personal Health Information) compliant with regulations?

In this informative session, you’ll quickly learn why InfoSecurity is now one of the leading drivers in Information Governance and we’ll take you through a full step-by-step demonstration and discussion on how to address Info Security of unstructured content.

Audience: Executives in IT, Legal, Compliance, Records Management, Governance

Presented by: Scott Burt, President, Integro
Recording date: 2/24/16