Trusted data is the foundation of any modern analytics initiative. The significant growth in data volume, velocity, and variety requires better information governance to manage data quality, risk, and cost while providing higher confidence for its use.

Variety has been a major stumbling block for many enterprises because structured information (predefined data models) and unstructured information (email messages, documents, video) are governed separately.

Join IBM and Integro on this webcast to learn how IBM has overcome this obstacle through the integration of IBM Information Governance Catalog with IBM StoredIQ.

  • Enable management of all enterprise data in one place
  • Quickly find any data you need
  • Evaluate data quality at a glance
  • Gain competitive advantage by effectively using all data
By leveraging the IBM Information Server/Information Governance Catalog integration with IBM StoredIQ you can find, evaluate, understand, and use both structured and unstructured data.

Recording Date: September 26, 2018
Mike Gizzi, Unified Governance and Integration Sales Leader, IBM
Ernie Ostic, Information Governance Specialist at IBM
Jason Brandes, VP of Consulting at Integro
Jay Limburn, Director Offering Management & Distinguished Engineer, IBM