A content cleanup project doesn’t need to take a long time to get started, nor does it need to involve tons of manual work.  Have you started a cleanup project and finding it difficult to get past the first step? Perhaps you’re overwhelmed with spreadsheets of data and not sure what to do next. Maybe you’re wondering where to even start.

Join this Integro webinar and get insight into how to jump start a new content cleanup project or re-energize a stuck one. Our content cleanup experts will share new tools and techniques for quickly analyzing, visualizing, and most importantly, acting, on your ROT data leveraging Software as a Service (SaaS), automation, self-service user interfaces, and more. It’s possible to see results within a few days and actually take action on them. We’ll share a real-world case study of how one company is doing just that.

Learn more about Integro’s file analysis and cleanup solution.

Recording Date: November 14, 2019, 1-1:30pm
Speakers: Jeff Dunning, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives & Emil Ocon, Project Manager