Cleaning up volumes of content is on the mind of many organizations these days. Risk reduction, R.O.T. elimination, and compliance are a few of the common drivers. But, what about value? We’re often so focused on the bad stuff that we don’t think about the potential treasure trove of valuable content that remains after a cleanup effort.

In this webinar, we talk about how to get to, and do more with the good stuff – how to make your content of value actionable in a way that enhances your business. Support an ever-changing workforce by making your valuable content searchable with metadata and tags. Use content to optimize business process processes for increased automation leading to higher customer satisfaction.

Let your valuable content work for you versus you working to keep it risk and clutter free. Extracting greater value from your content can really pay off. Join us to hear how others in the field are doing just that.

Recording Date: September 12, 2019
Speaker: Jeff Dunning, VP, Integro

Note: This webinar was hosted and managed by InfoGov World Magazine.