Have your fileshares become a liability? Are eDiscovery challenges or fear of breach driving you to consider a cleanup effort? The best way to avoid massive eDiscovery bills and avoid a breach is to get rid of content that’s unnecessary to keep.

If terabytes of disorganized content across fileshares has you looking for answers, check out this 30-minute, high value webinar. In it, we share lessons learned from the field and talk about what others are doing to tackle this challenge.

We also introduce our full-service offering which includes the governance methodologies, staff, and technology to perform your fileshare cleanup for you. This includes identifying and deleting the ROT (redundant, outdated, and trivial), securing documents of value, fixing policy and regulatory violations, respecting legal holds, and more.

Attendees: Chief Information Officer, Director of Information Governance

Presented by: John Frost, Vice President, Integro
Recording date: January 19, 2017