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Did you miss one of Integro’s Information Governance webinars or want to see one again? Not to worry – you can find all the recorded versions here. You can also find recordings of speaking engagements and presentations at leading industry events and conferences.

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1611, 2017

Webinar Recording: GDPR – Are You Ready?

Your peers are preparing for the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) which comes into effect in May, six short months away, as though they

1910, 2017

Webinar Recording: Cover Your Assets – Sensitive Data Cleanup for the Financial Industry

A large financial institution recently uncovered millions of files with credit card numbers and PII (personally identifiable information) on the company’s fileshares. To be

1409, 2017

Recorded Webinar: Leveraging Auto-Classification for Data Cleanup & Ongoing Governance

It's a common story: "Our company has terabytes of unstructured data residing across the enterprise, we don't know exactly what we have or where,

1708, 2017

Recorded Webinar: ECM’s Future Part II

ECM’s Future Part II: Cloud content management & governance - setting expectations and overcoming challenges In our May webinar, presenter John Frost, talked

2007, 2017

Recorded Webinar – Case Study: Implementing Email Management

For years, email management has been a topic at just about every records and information management conference. It’s that elephant in the room that nobody really

1506, 2017

Recorded Webinar: Cover your assets – why compliance cleanup is a must & how to conduct one

You know you have sensitive data (e.g., PII, PHI, credit cards, etc.) stored across the enterprise. The question is, do you know exactly what

1805, 2017

Recorded Webinar: ECM’s Future and the Impact on Information Governance

Enterprise Content Management in its current form has been more a departmentalized solution and not true enterprise.  Governance professionals have had to deal with multiple

1304, 2017

Recorded Webinar: Managing Content in the Cloud – A look into Box and what it can do for you

Companies are increasingly looking to cloud solutions to manage content. Box is one such solution that’s gaining popularity thanks to its ease of use, security,

203, 2017

Recorded Webinar: Email Governance Best Practices – Reduce Your Email Content, Cost & Risk

Implementing the right email governance solution can save your company millions, while at the same time keeping risk down and improving eDiscovery. In this

1901, 2017

Recorded Webinar: Tackling Terabytes, Minimize Risk & Cost with Fileshare Cleanup

Have your fileshares become a liability? Are eDiscovery challenges or fear of breach driving you to consider a cleanup effort? The best way to avoid

512, 2016

Recorded Webinar: The New Era of Capture – Automating Complex Transactions with Cognitive Capture

Traditional document capture systems excel at capturing and extracting information from known and predictable document types such as forms. However, when it comes to complex

412, 2016

StoredIQ User Group, StoredIQ as a Long Term Solution: Strategy for Maintaining Records Management Policies and Enforcement (Meeting Recording)

At the January 2017 StoredIQ User Group Jim Sikes (IBM) walked through several case studies/real life examples of companies using StoredIQ as a long term

1711, 2016

Recorded Webinar: GDPR – Are You Ready?

If your company does business in Europe, you don't want to miss this webinar. The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has finally been

2610, 2016

Recorded Webinar: IBM StoredIQ for Legal – Manage Custodians & Data Sources

Managing legal hold notifications and data collection can be costly, time-consuming and often prone to errors.  Integro has helped many of our customers implement a

2609, 2016

Recorded Webinar: Best practices for successfully governing structured & unstructured data

Increasingly, large organizations are taking on Information Governance initiatives, and with good reason. The drivers are many – from eDiscovery challenges and fear of breach,

1606, 2016

Recorded Webinar: Archiving Structured Data for Information Lifecycle Governance & Profit

Information Lifecycle Governance (ILG) initiatives are gaining priority in large IT organizations, as companies recognize the importance of managing data through to the end of

2305, 2016

Recorded Webinar: Case Management – Improving information worker productivity

Whether you’d like to improve worker productivity, increase efficiency of processes, enhance customer service, make better decisions, or all of the above, case management

2504, 2016

Recorded Webinar: 5 steps to successful auto-classification of email – it can be done!

You’ve decided you want to leverage auto-classification for your organization’s email, but where do you start? What are the keys to success? Is full auto-classification

804, 2016

StoredIQ User Group: Policy Audit Case Study with Mass Mutual (Meeting Recording)

In the March 7, 2016 StoredIQ User Group online session, Mass Mutual Insurance shared the company’s experience performing a policy audit using IBM StoredIQ to

2403, 2016

Recorded Webinar: 6 Tactics for Preventing Insider Threats

Protecting against insider threats, whether malicious or accidental, is extremely difficult, especially when 71% of employees say that have access to information they aren’t supposed

2902, 2016

Recorded Webinar: InfoSec with StoredIQ

Breaches will happen. Is your house in order? The push for improved Information Security has never been greater with the many recent breaches, including

1602, 2016

StoredIQ User Group: StoredIQ and StoredIQ for Legal Compare and Contrast (Meeting Recording)

Ted Barassi, Information Lifecycle Governance Product and Offering Manager with IBM, discussed the differences between StoredIQ and StoredIQ for Legal in the February 11, 2016

2601, 2016

Recorded Webinar: Auto-Classification in Action – Real-World Examples

From cleaning up fileshares to keeping emails of value, auto-classification can deliver powerful results. If you’re curious how you can leverage auto-classification to benefit

1511, 2015

Recorded Webinar: Auto-Classification for Better Information Governance

Auto-classification. Everywhere we turn, we hear experts talking about it. Most companies today are challenged by overwhelming volumes of data – is auto-classification the

2209, 2015

StoredIQ User Group: Auto-Classification Case Study (Meeting Recording)

Integro experts, Chris McHenry and Jason Brandes, shared a case study on StoredIQ with Auto-Classification in the September 22, 2015 StoredIQ User Group online session.

2008, 2015

Recorded webinar: Top 10 Considerations When Planning a Content Migration Project

Switching email platforms? Moving to the Cloud? Migrating to a new ECM system? We’ve helped Fortune 500 companies with critical migrations and have learned

2307, 2015

Recorded webinar: Email Governance Best Practices: Reduce Your Email Content, Cost & Risk

Implementing the right email governance solution can save your company millions, while at the same time keeping risk down and improving eDiscovery. In this recorded

1407, 2015

StoredIQ User Group: Customer Sharing Session (Meeting Recording)

At the July 14, 2015 StoredIQ User Group meeting, customers Adele Carboni (Oxy) and Kevin Wynn (Welch Allyn) shared their experiences using StoredIQ. Watch the

1205, 2015

StoredIQ User Group: Kick-off (Meeting Recording)

The StoredIQ User Group officially kicked off on May 12, 2015. IBM StoredIQ expert, Amir Jaibaji and Integro StoredIQ expert, Jason Brandes answer questions related

3103, 2015

Recorded webinar: Achieving Effective Information Governance with StoredIQ

Cut costs, minimize risk, & uncover the value of your unstructured data. Up to 69% of the data that companies typically keep provides little or