Everywhere we turn, we hear experts talking about auto-classification. Most companies today are challenged by overwhelming volumes of data – is auto-classification the answer? Is everybody really doing it?

Why classify?

  • Identify what needs to be retained
  • Identify what must be disposed or remediated
  • Identify what can/should be disposed
  • InfoSecurity
  • Storage optimization

Auto Classification With Human Oversight™

Integro developed and has patented an email classification approach called Auto Classification With Human Oversight™. While other solutions seek to restrict or eliminate end user participation, we help our customers auto-classify as much as possible, while providing end users with the ultimate control.

This approach is delivered via Integro’s patented SmartAssist® technology, a key feature of our email management product, Integro Email Manager (IEM).

How can auto-classification help your company?

Integro can help you:

  • Determine where auto-classification might fit for your organization, along with strategies for success.
  • Plan and implement auto-classification strategies and solutions.

Solutions for both day forward classification and legacy content

Day forward use cases include auto-classification of email and content that is part of a workflow process. By far the best time to classify content is as it’s handled the first time, quickly and easily. The fact remains, however, that companies today have volumes of dormant content that needs to be classified in order to properly secure it, dispose of it, or retain it. Integro has methodologies and technologies to help companies with such needs.

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