Most data is unnecessarily being retained

According to the Compliance, Governance, and Oversight Council (CGOC), 69% of organizational information has no business, legal or regulatory value (source: Such data is being over-retained, is being kept past its useful life and obligation, and should not be kept. There are only 3 reasons to keep something:

  1. Legal Hold – obligation because it’s ESI and responsive to a legal matter.
  2. Regulatory Requirement – might be for HR, specific industry, audits.
  3. Business Value – documents a transaction of the business you have going on and you want to keep that.

Integro offers 3 reasons to retain data

What is negative value?

Not only are you likely retaining data that’s of no value, you probably have data that presents negative value. Outdated files containing personally identifiable information, trivial emails, and data containing credit card numbers are just a few examples of how your data can expose you to legal risk, reputation risk, compliance violations, and security risk. Consider some of the recent breaches. Sony’s outdated emails that were made public never should have been kept because they had no business value, no legal hold, and no regulatory requirement. Yet, keeping them resulted in huge reputation risk and massive fallout, not to mention sizable financial impact.

Dispose of unnecessary data = reduce cost and risk

Integro can help you clean up your data and minimize your risk by helping you:

  • Clean up ROT data – redundant, obsolete, and trivial
  • Remediate regulated data – PII, PCI, HIPAA, HR, Financial, Records
  • Secure High Business Value Data – IP, Pricing, Sales and Market, Patent, Planning

We can come in and do the analysis and clean up for you, or we can sell you the tools you need.

“The best way to reduce the amount of data—delete it.” – Sheila Childs, Research VP Gartner

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