At risk due to confidential and sensitive data lurking across the enterprise?

Unsecured sensitive data such as social security numbers, credit card numbers, and health information
can put you at risk of breach, non-compliance with regulations, and violation of privacy obligations. It’s
an issue that affects all types of companies, not just those in the financial or healthcare industries.
The first step in securing sensitive data is to understand what you have and where it resides. Then you
can act to protect that data and establish policies for proper day-forward governance.

Integro Sensitive Data Cleanup Solutions

Integro’s 4-Step Program for Sensitive Data Cleanup

  1. IDENTIFY – Find out what you have and where. How much data do you have and what are the sources?  Index and inventory.
  2. ANALYZE – Determine what content you have that is related to risk. Are there social security numbers in email boxes? Is there PII on your fileshares?
  3. POLICY – Create a policy that fits your company’s specific needs and environment, train people on that policy, and use it to guide the cleanup and remediation process.
  4. REMEDIATE – Finally, cleanup sensitive data by:
  • Deleting
  • Securing via moving or encryption
  • Altering the data in place via masking or redacting
  • Replacing data with a token (tokenization)
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