Get planning with Integro’s Content Journey Workshop

The worlds of information governance and content management are evolving rapidly, making this is a challenging – and exciting – time. If you haven’t begun to think about integrating modern approaches into your strategy, now’s the time before your competitors get a leg up. Or, maybe you’ve been thinking about it, but not sure what next step to take.

One of Integro’s roles as a consultancy is to have a firm grasp on industry trends, cycles, and innovations, as well as what others are doing that is and isn’t successful. And, as your solution partner/vendor, it’s important to us that we share that information with you.

Complimentary offer, for Integro customers

To kick of the new year, for a limited time Integro is offering customers the opportunity to participate in a professionally-facilitated workshop, customized for your business. Complimentary (valued at $3,000).

No sales pitch. No products. Simply a sharing and collaboration session to support your strategic planning and decision-making when it comes to governance and content in a changing world.

These are topics that are timely, important, and can have major cost benefit and risk implications in the coming quarters & years.

What we’ll cover

  • Cloud content services
  • Privacy–privacy–privacy (e.g., GDPR, California Consumer Privacy Act, etc.)
  • Information governance
  • Machine-learning & AI for content management & governance
  • Specific topics you’d like to cover (reach out and let us know beforehand)

The details

  • 2 hours
  • @ your site
  • Attendees: Please arrange for 4-8 representatives from cross-functional leadership positions to participate. Participants should be involved with topics such as file shares, enterprise content, email management, records management, privacy, governance, discovery, compliance, and collaboration.
  • Request a workshop by completing the brief form below