The future of ECM is in the cloud

Both Gartner and Forrester confirm this trend in recent reports, and a new term has emerged: Content Services. Enterprises with on-premise ECM systems face a critical decision point. It is time to take advantage of the cloud’s benefits or continue to use on-premise solutions as they edge their way toward obsolescence.
The path from on-premise ECM to cloud Content Services can be complex and complicated, and you need an experienced partner you can trust. That partner is Integro.

An End-To-End Solution with Integrity

Integro offers a full service solution to help companies make the “jump” from on-premise ECM to Content Services in a way that ensures a seamless transition to the cloud and user acceptance:
  • Proven Content Service platform – Box – recognized as a leader by both Forrester and Gartner.
  • Architecture mapping your security model, metadata, classification, and folder structure so that no data or integrity is lost from one system to the other.
  • Complete migration (export and ingest) of your data in a secure, timely manner, while maintaining data structure and integrity.
  • Strategy for and movement of custom ECM applications.
  • Training and knowledge transfer to ensure your team can take advantage of the benefits and features right away.
  • Optional value-added services to enhance your information governance program (email governance, data cleanup, fileshare retirement, retention management)

Why ECM in the Cloud?

Eliminate Local Storage – With unlimited cloud storage, there’s no longer a need to continue investing in new storage and hardware.
Reduce IT Admin Costs – A cloud approach means you don’t have to invest in an army of IT staff for upgrades, systems administration, database administration, security, light-weight directory access protocol, and other IT services.
Improve Efficiency – Content is stored in a central cloud repository, fostering improved collaboration and easy access from anywhere via any device (phone,
tablet, etc.).
Enhance Security – Features such as detailed audit tracking, retention policies, and permission controls help ensure your content remains secure and compliance and regulatory requirements are met.
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