• What should my organization retain and for how long?

  • We have 100 terabytes of email in an archive – what do we do now?

  • How do we effectively manage our growing volume of email?

  • How do we reduce our eDiscovery costs of email?

  • How do we keep our users happy?

As a leading expert in email management, Integro is helping clients address these types of challenges every day.  Whether your email management initiatives are driven by eDiscovery, compliance, storage, or other needs, Integro can help you plan and implement the right solution for your company.

Email should be managed, not just archived

Experts estimate that around 80% of our email is “redundant, outdated, and trivial” (ROT) and shouldn’t be kept.  Simply keeping all that unnecessary email only drives eDiscovery costs up, makes compliance more challenging, and increases risk.

Integro has helped numerous companies implement managed email solutions using our Zone Managed approach that drastically reduce email volumes while ensuring you keep what you need for business and regulatory needs. It’s easy for end users and reduces costs thanks to less data to manage.  Integro will also help you integrate with a records management program to ensure email records are controlled from creation through destruction.

Information governance

From policy to technology, Integro’s services and solutions can address the demands of your board and CEO, IT, records, legal, and business. The tools we leverage include our own Integro Email Manager (which earned Integro a “Cool Vendor” designation by analyst firm, Gartner), as well as Microsoft’s native tools in Office365 and Exchange. Integro Email Manager provides Information Governance for all email content, based upon each email’s unique value to the company and the user.

Migrating your email archive

Migrating to the Cloud or Office365? Moving off a legacy system? Integro can help you with your overall migration to other market-leading systems.  Learn more about Integro’s email archive migration services.

If you’re migrating from IBM Content Collector or CommonStore, we also offer a tool that can help migrate your email up to 10x faster than native tools. Learn about Integro Email Migration Assistant.

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