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Integro IQInsight StoredIQ ServicesIntegro, your StoredIQ implementation partner

Test drive IBM’s StoredIQ – your data, your results, Integro’s expertise

Integro will perform a Proof of Concept using StoredIQ against a portion of your data, giving you invaluable insight into:

  • How much data you have, where it resides, and when was it last accessed.
  • How much data debris you have.
  • Any violations of policy across massive amounts of data.

What’s in the Proof of Concept?

  • Analysis of up to 250GB of your data, fully indexed.
  • Integro will assess mixed file types and fileshares. SharePoint can be included as well.
  • Integro will provide the virtual server.
  • Assessment will last approximately 1 week.
  • Reports provided.

Ready to start?

For minimal investment, the results could potentially save you millions! Contact Integro at 303.575.9300 or to get started today.