Outsource your IBM ECM/ILG operations

Eliminate the costs, risks and headache of managing ECM and ILG operations in-house by outsourcing them to Integro. As an IBM go-to ECM and ILG partner, and recognized by research firm Clutch as a top IBM ECM Consultant, Integro’s operation team can operate the entire software stack for you to ensure that content is stored, managed, retained, disposed, and indexed.

This is especially valuable as an interim step if you are planning to, or are in the process of, modernizing your information governance and content systems and approaches.

Leveraging our AWS partnership Integro can provide support of all your Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) requirements, including the migration and support of your ECM systems running in the cloud.

These services are offered remotely from Integro’s Operations Center at a lower price point than internal operations. We’re able to offer these cost savings thanks to our experience and economies of scale which afford efficiencies and quality not available to an in-house approach.

Solution Product Suite – Cloud Based

Integro ECM Managed Services Like a Well Oiled Machine

  • IBM Content Foundation
  • Case Foundation
  • Datacap
  • IBM Enterprise Records
  • ICC for File Systems, SharePoint, Email
  • StoredIQ (On Premise)
  • Atlas
  • StoredIQ for Legal

Integro ECM/ILG Managed Services Benefits: Like a Well-Oiled Machine

  • Proactive, skilled, experienced technical staff
  • On-call administration and operational support
  • Proactive monitoring of applications, services, and performance
  • Status reporting and meetings
  • Reduced need to train internal staff
  • Reduce costs & risks
  • Enhanced application performance

Managed Operations Offering*

  • On-call Administration and Operations Support
    • 7am – 8pm Eastern
    • After hours support available
    • Defined SLAs for response times
  • Ongoing Configuration of ECM/ILG Components
    • Includes process and policy support
  • Proactive Application Monitoring and Optimization
  • Monthly Reports on Activities and Recommendations
  • Scheduled Meetings to Review Current Activities

*NOTE – A full list of roles and responsibilities will be created and mutually agreed upon as part of the contract process.

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