The worlds of information governance and content management are evolving rapidly, making this is a challenging – and exciting – time. If you haven’t begun to think about integrating modern approaches into your strategy, now is the time before your competitors get a leg up. Or, maybe you’ve been thinking about it, but aren’t sure what next step to take.

One of Integro’s roles as a consultancy is to have a firm grasp on industry trends, cycles, and innovations, as well as what others are doing that is and isn’t successful. And, as your solution partner/vendor, we want to share that information with you.

Executive Workshop

A high level, executive-focused discussion about the major forces affecting the worlds of content and governance. We’ll look at growing challenges like privacy and a changing workforce. We’ll discuss modern tools such as cloud content services, machine-learning and AI, and how you can take advantage of opportunities to reduce risk, improve compliance, lower costs, and most importantly, extract greater value out of your content.

Participants: Cross-functional leadership from legal, compliance, records, privacy, information governance, IT

IBM Modernization Workshop

IBM’s solutions for content, governance, and workflow are changing – from the licensing and bundling of products, to opportunities for cloud enablement and cross-platform hybrid solutions. We’ll help you get up to speed on the myriad changes and what they mean for you (both challenges and opportunities). Then, we’ll discuss the status of your IBM systems today, and help you create a vision for your desired state.

Participants: ECM business owner, ECM IT Director

Microsoft Modernization Workshop

Microsoft O365 with productivity tools including SharePoint, OneDrive for Business, Teams, Delve, Flow, and Exchange has become the go-to platform for organizations looking to maximize human capital. It provides the core foundation for collaboration, productivity, and compliance, and in most cases, companies have the tools, but don’t leverage its full potential. So, what’s the best approach for your enterprise to be successful, and not regret a rushed implementation later? What are the options for modernization to optimize collaboration, security, processes, governance, and privacy? We’ll discuss your current situation and help you create a vision for your desired state.

Participants: IT SharePoint and OneDrive Director, Information Governance, IT Collaboration Director


Modernization Workshops Details

  • Professionally facilitated

  • Neutral, product-agnostic viewpoint

  • No sales pitch

  • Sharing & collaboration to support your strategic planning & decision-making

  • 2 hours (each workshop)

  • @ your site

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