Looking for a new data capture solution? We recommend IBM Datacap.

At Integro we tend to remain pretty agnostic when it comes to software product choices and believe in implementing the right technology for the solution. When it comes to data capture, we’ve worked with a variety of solutions over the past 25 years, and Datacap always comes out on top, especially for companies with complex or high-volume data capture needs.

Here are a few highlights of features and benefits our customers appreciate and why IBM Datacap usually ends up the front runner:

  • Pricing structure – IBM Datacap is priced by the number of processors used within the servers. If you process high volumes of data capture, this is the pricing structure you want. Datacap OCR is also included in the base pricing.
  • Maintain original file formatting – Datacap easily works with or can produce any format of document. For example, a Word document can maintain its original format without having to be converted to an image or other file type. And, if you want to change the format of every file that gets imaged, files can be converted to an easy-to-read format such as .pdf.
  • Pre-built solutions – IBM Datacap offers industry-specific capture applications that are available out of the box, including Datacap Accounts Payable and Datacap Medical Claims.
  • Adaptable through configuration not customization– Easy to tailor Datacap to specific business requirements.
  • Flexible access to support – Any vendor can support an IBM Datacap solution.

Considering IBM Datacap?

Integro’s IBM Datacap consultants are among the best in the industry, they are IBM certified, and have 10+ years of experience deploying IBM Datacap solutions, including helping companies convert to IBM Datacap from other industry solutions such as Kofax, FileNet Capture, FlexiCapture by ABBYY, and Brainware by Hyland.

Integro can help you evaluate your options with a custom demo, Proof of Concept, or customer examples. Reach out to our experts via the buttons at right to learn more.

Why Integro…

  • One of IBM’s go-to partners for Datacap expertise

  • Disciplined and detailed approach to system documentation

  • Proven methodology for architecting and deploying data capture solutions

  • 25-year IBM Gold Partner

  • Named the top IBM ECM consultant 7 years in a row by Clutch.co

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