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  • How do we ensure defensible disposal?

  • Should we be using auto-classification for records management?

  • How should we manage our email records?

  • How can we manage electronic records in the Cloud?

  • Should we manage records in place or centrally?

According to a recent AIIM study, “Getting to grips with electronic records” is the single biggest cause for concern among organizations. Additionally, “Excess litigation costs or damages resulting from poor-record keeping” was considered to be the number one risk. (Source:

Integro can help you with the practical implementation of a records program that provides defensible disposal, ensures compliance, reduces legal risk, and improves efficiency. Integro offers records management implementation services that embrace a proven Policy to Technology methodology.

Ready for a paperless records program?

According to the AIIM study, for 42% of organizations, the volume of paper records is still increasing. Yet, advances in ECM technology and evolving legislation have made a paperless records program not only possible, but highly affordable. We can help you store and manage everything electronically, all integrated with a records management program.

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