Business Need: The client, one of the nation’s largest electric utilities, required migration, implementation, and training services for a Corporate Records Information System (CRIS) replacement project. However, extremely outdated and highly customized systems presented numerous challenges, thus leading to a highly complex project.

First, the client was operating on an out-of-support version of P8 and an old, incompatible version of Windows. Additionally, the client was using a highly customized version of IBM’s Records Manager (RM) as a Corporate Records Information System (CRIS) for managing physical records.  The customized CRIS was running on IBM’s RM 3.5, which is obsolete and no longer supported by IBM.  The application was therefore at a high risk of system failure which could have potentially rendered records irretrievable.  The client sought to implement the IER component of FileNet P8 to also administer physical records and transition completely off the old RM system.


An expert in FileNet, IBM Enterprise Content Management, and data migrations, Integro was hired to develop and implement the new solution for physical records management, migrate the old information to the new system, and upgrade the IT infrastructure related to physical and electronic records management.  This was a complex, complicated effort that required several “step” upgrades to get the client up to the latest versions of P8 and RM, not to mention to a current, supported version of Microsoft Windows. Integro also used its own Vector tools to effectively migrate records from the old CRIS system.


The project was successfully completed, and the client now has a fully upgraded and supported repository and records management solution for both their physical and electronic records users. The old system can now be decommissioned so the client has only one system to maintain. Internal staff have also been trained on the solution and are now able to maintain and manage it on their own.


  • IBM Enterprise Records
  • FileNet Records Manager
  • FileNet P8
  • Datacap
  • IBM Content Navigator
  • Integro Vector for Content Movement