Business need: A very manual vendor document review and approval process was causing numerous challenges for this oil and gas company. Lacking an effective way to track document submissions and review status, the client was experiencing stiff financial penalties for missing required turnaround deadlines. Managing the manual process was also burdensome and required significant administrative overhead. The client sought a way to automate, streamline, and reduce the cycle time of this cumbersome process.


Integro designed, built, and implemented a Document Management system which completely automated the company’s vendor document submission and review process, integrating with AutoCAD applications and Microsoft Office.  The new system allows contractors to easily submit documents which are then automatically processed using workflow to ensure timely review, modification, and final approval.  300 users.


  • Fosters easy collaboration with vendors
  • Ensures efficient and effective workflow
  • Complete history  (including submission and approval dates) can be tracked for every document
  • Real-time notifications of document submission, review requests, required approvals, rejections, documents overdue, and completed documents


  • FileNet Content Services (back-end repository)
  • IBM Document Manager